Log Cabin Packages

Naturecraft Homes custom log home floor plans are offered at 3 levels:

  1. The Naturecraft Standard Plan is the basic, first tier package and the most affordable of all three floor plans. It provides the home buyer an entire log cabin kit that is designed and adapted for easy installation on your plot of land. The Standard package includes materials and kit delivery for a contractor of your choosing. The plan, however, is not inclusive of doors, windows, and subfloors. You have to purchase and install these features locally.
  2. The Naturecraft Premium Plan is the most popular and most requested option of all our floor plans. It consists of everything that is offered in our standard package homes with the addition of a variety of upgrades, including windows, doors, and subfloors. Like all Naturecraft log cabin packages, Premium floor plans are customizable to your specific needs while keeping prices at wholesale rates.
  3. The Naturecraft Hybrid Plan is also a highly requested option, especially for buyers who prefer more energy efficient homes. Naturecraft’s Hybrid package includes framed walls and log siding, helping you achieve the traditional look and rustic feel of a cabin and the energy efficiency of a modern frame home. Hybrid floor plans from Naturecraft Homes are compatible with and compliant to the 2012 International Building Code, so you can be sure that the log cabin you buy follows modern design and construction standards down to the very last plan detail.

Whichever plan level you decide to go with, Naturecraft Homes ensures the most exceptional customer service, highest quality material packages, and the most remarkable prices for all Standard, Premium, and Hybrid home plans.