North Carolina Log Homes

Log cabin homes are still the number one choice for home buyers and home builders in the North Carolina Mountains. More than its rustic wonders, North Carolina offers history and heritage that many people want a piece of. A log cabin in the heart of this mountain fringed state can be a great addition to your estate, offering a great balance of nature and the comforts of traditional and modern day living. Custom log cabin homes are classic masterpieces that will help you build memories to pass on from one generation to the next, while adding to the rich history of the surrounding mountains.

The sky is the limit when it comes to custom log cabin homes. Here at Naturecraft Homes, we help you turn your dream vacation lodge into reality by providing you with a wealth of design options and custom services to help you build a log cabin that fits your needs perfectly.

We have a wide variety of floor plans and kits all offered at wholesale prices, including natural design hybrid log cabin packages that offer the best of both the rustic appeal of a traditional lodge and the modern conveniences and amenities of a modern frame home. Choose from Standard, Premium, or Hybrid plans and take your log cabin vision to new heights with one of our customized designs. You can also choose to modify a plan of your choice to meet the discerning needs of your family. With our adaptable plans, you will never run out of good ideas to make your dream cabin a reality.