Log Cabins in Virginia

Virginia is a wonderful place to live full time or to build a vacation home. The copious amount of history in the state’s monuments, museums, and landmarks is simply astonishing as they stand as testaments to its living history. This is what Naturecraft Homes strive to preserve in every log cabin we build. Log cabin homes are very popular in Virginia, and an increasing number of home owners are choosing cabins instead of brick and stone homes for practical and aesthetic reasons.

A log cabin home’s rustic beauty has a unique appeal that brick and concrete homes simply cannot replicate. When we build your custom log cabin, we see to it that this rustic appeal remains even as we incorporate the comforts and conveniences of a modern home. Naturecraft Homes specializes in creating log cabin designs that are innovative, while keeping nature in the equation. These structures are built to last and will be enjoyed by your family for generations.

With over 35 years of experience in building and designing custom log homes, we have already built a large collection of cabin plans that are flexible enough to be modified into different configurations to meet the needs and specifications of each unique home buyer. Choose from an entire range of cottage style homes and grand villa floor plans, all of which can be purchased within the terms of any of our offered plan packages. We even provide affordable, ready for assembly log home kits. Call us today for all your log cabin needs in Virginia.