Log Cabin Construction Kits

In addition to complete log cabin plans, Naturecraft Homes also specializes in log cabin kits designed to ensure high quality and efficient home builds. Kits and material packages offered here at Naturecraft Homes are created from only the highest quality, most innovative, home-grade, materials that guarantee a structure that will truly last—a dwelling that you and your future children and grandkids can enjoy.

Over the years, Naturecraft Homes have been in the forefront of creating some of the most beautiful and affordable custom designed and built log cabin homes across the country, ranging from the simplest cottages to the most luxurious lodges. We are the authority when it comes to adaptable, custom log cabin home plans sold at wholesale prices. Our high-quality kits are ready-to-go for assembly. We have a professional team of designers, drafters, and contractors who will work together to help you achieve your dream log cabin and guide you through the entire process of design and even down to construction, according to the customized package and pricing plan you can afford.

With over 35 years of experience in the field, Naturecraft Homes has already built and nurtured close working relationships with some of the leading material suppliers in the industry, allowing us to give you homes at remarkable price points. Naturecraft Homes is truly the best go-to place for all your log cabin needs, from design and layout to material sourcing, and even actual construction across North American states and beyond. Let us be your partner in creating the mountain lodge or vacation cottage of your dreams.